We provide a representative voice that advocates for arts education and curriculum development at the highest political levels, believing that all Australian children have an entitlement to quality arts education across five art forms.


To contribute to the growth and profile of the arts education sector and to be its leading advocate.


  • To collaborate, represent and advocate for arts education.

  • To build networks, alliances and partnerships for arts education.

  • To enhance communication about arts education.


  • To ensure that all Australians are able to engage in high quality arts education.

  • To secure the inclusion of all art forms in early childhood and school curricula.

  • To positively influence the development of national and state/territory arts education policies.

  • To provide expert advice to pertinent key decision makers at federal and state/territory levels.

  • To improve the quality of pre-service artform teacher education and professional development for practising teachers.

  • To encourage arts associations collaborate, promote respect and recognise the status for arts education.

  • To foster collaboration on joint projects such as publications, training, research and development.

  • To develop links with international arts education associations and foundations.